All my wasted words…

Although I have been rambling on on the internet since… well, before the graphical web existed, back in the bad old days of USENET, I’ve always been too lazy/busy to blog.  I even used to actively despise the term ‘blog’, but I’ve gotten over it, mostly due to becoming desensitized to it from seeing it and hearing it bandied about on the internet.

So finally, after many false starts, I’ve finally decided to start my own blog, rather than relying on posting on other people’s sites where my posts were subject to the editing and moderation of others.  Not that I don’t need a good editor, but I really dislike having my opinions censored by others, and there is usually a good reason I have difficulty writing succinctly: because the issues I expound upon at length tend to be issues that are fundamentally complex, and as such cannot easily be reduced to a simple soundbite or easily memefied blurb to accompany some cute Caturday pics.

I also realize that in vanity-Googling my pseudonym, I’ve come across past posts on various sites which are no longer accessible, either because the site no longer exists except as a cached page, or are only accessible to people who are members of said site.

In any case, here I am, finally, in the blogging world.  I’m not particularly concerned whether I have a huge readership, or any readers at all, since this will primarily be a method for me to keep track of my thoughts, feelings, life experiences and general musings, collected in one place, rather than spread across multiple platforms and sites.  I don’t tend to blog on Facebook, and most of my writing on the internet tends to be topical, in response to articles and comments on various sites I frequent, but I rarely if ever contribute any postings that aren’t in reaction to a specific article or news item, so this will be the place where I can gather my thoughts on things not covered in the news, as it were.

I imagine I will have some difficulty straddling that fine line between being brutally honest, and TMI, in terms of what I write here, but I’ll try to keep things on a level where I would not feel awkward sharing such thoughts and feelings with relative strangers/creepers/obsessive stalkers/serial killers. ;P


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